Artilleri - de store kanoner


The ‘Big Guns’

Discover the history of artillery and canons. This exhibit features cannons dating all the way back to the Middle Ages (the Anholt cannon), the beautiful old bronze cannons from the time of absolute monarchy and fortress cannons from the fortifications of Copenhagen.

In Europe, the use of cannons dates back to the Middle Ages. They were used both on fortresses and ships. In modern times, the ‘artillery’ – in other words, the biggest guns – has generally provided support for the front line in war situations.

This room displays examples of the development of the cannon from the trebuchet (catapult) of the Middle Ages and the 17th-century Anholt cannon (an early breech-loader) to the steel cannons of the 1864 war (muzzle-loaders).

You can also read more about the history of artillery at Danske Artilleriregiments hjemmeside