Tirpitz – West Coast Stories

148,00 kr.

A Journey through 20.000 Years of History

Af Stina Troldtoft Andresen, 2018

Engelsk udgave.

105 sider, rigt illustreret, hæftet

This book is part of a series published in relation to the activities of Tirpitz and shares the Museum’s same ambition: to enable visitors to the West Coast to delve deeper into the treasure chest of hidden stories. In this case the stories are about life in Western Jutland over the past 20,000 years. The book is closely related to the exhibition, West Coast Stories: one of the three exhibitions, with which Tirpitz opened in summer 2017. The book is mainly aimed at people who have seen the exhibition and who wish to go into the stories in a little more depth. But people, who have not yet seen the exhibition, but who are interested in great, thrilling, moving and dramatic stories about life in West Jutland from the end of the Ice Age to modern times, will also enjoy the book.


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