Nature Safari – Hunting for Vipers

Go hunting for reptiles on a trip with your family. Have you ever seen a viper? Or held a snake or a lizard in your hand? Find out if you dare on this trip. You’ll also meet some of the ranger’s own animals.

Together we’ll experience the area near Blåvand that holds large stocks of vipers, steel worms and the two different kinds of lizards living in Denmark. Of course, you cannot be guaranteed to see all species as we are dealing with wild nature. Yet, the chances are really good because of the large stocks of different animals. We’ll guarantee, however, that you are given the chance to break some personal boundaries on this trip. A different and fun trip for all ages.

GUIDE: Ranger Peter Skødt Knudsen, tel. 20353763,
JOIN US AT: Blåvand Naturcenter, Fyrvej 81, 6857 Blåvand
PLEASE NOTE: Registration required tlf: 75220877 or during opening hours Monday-Thursday at. 8-16 and Friday at. 8:00 to 13:00 (write number of children and adults plus telephone number)