Tirpitz i mørke
A top-notch, world-class attraction

Practical information

Food and drink

Tirpitz serves great, family-friendly dishes at reasonable prices. When the weather is warm, you can enjoy coffee and cake in the beautiful courtyard.

Please do not bring your own food and drink into the Tirpitz café or central courtyard.

You are welcome to use the outdoor tables and benches near the bunker for picnics.

Unfortunately we cannot offer table reservations for small groups.

Outside school summer holidays, groups (of 10 or more persons) can contact us well in advance of a visit to find out opportunities for reserving a room for a small fee, when purchasing coffee, cake, brunch or lunch.


Attractive items for your holiday home, a great book about World War II or a beautiful item of amber jewellery as a souvenir of your holiday by the sea. Treat yourself to a visit to the Tirpitz museum shop. You do not need a ticket in order to visit the shop.


All stories in Tirpitz were recorded by actors in Danish, German and English. It is not necessary to read any texts. But the audio tracks are available in written form for the hard of hearing.

Handicapped parking is available in P1. A concrete path leads through the dunes from the car park to the entrance. There is a lift next to the ticket office, and there are handicapped toilets at the café and in the exhibitions. Wheelchairs and Zimmer frames are welcome!

Access to the bunker is through the museum. NOTE: The bunker does not comply with the usual requirements for handicap friendliness, given that it was built in 1945 as a gun bunker. But, with assistance, most people will be able to get around at basement level.

Both mothers and fathers have access to baby changing facilities. You can bring prams into Tirpitz.

We loved dogs, but regrettably they are not allowed in the museum. We offer the option of borrowing an outdoor dog crate (Size XL). It is the dog-owner’s own responsibility to ensure that the dog is comfortable during its time in the crate.


Free parking. 80 parking spaces, incl. handicap parking, at Tane Hedevej in front of the museum (P1). During the summer and holidays, this parking space is reserved for the disabled and people with walking difficulties.

During holidays and other busy periods, most guests can use the extra parking space on the grass field at Gl. Mælkevej, west of Tirpitz (P2). From there, there is a walk of approx. 350 metres along a nature trail through the dunes to Tirpitz. Follow the signs to the north of the parking area. It is a lovely walk, but not suitable for wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties. The latter should make use of the permanent parking space. Out of respect for the museum’s neighbours and the wildlife in this area of outstanding natural beauty, we urge all our visitors to keep to the designated route. During dry periods, smoking is prohibited in the natural area.

There is a coach car park west of P1. This is only for coaches. Please also note that stopping and parking are prohibited along Tane Hedevej.

We aim to improve parking conditions. But we are located in a natural conservation area, so it takes time. We appreciate your understanding.

Parking conditions at Tirpitz. P1 has 80 spaces. During holidays these are reserved for disabled visitors and people with walking difficulties. From P2, a beautiful, 350-metre-long, nature trail leads visitors through the heather-clad dunes to Tirpitz. This path is not suitable for wheelchairs or people with walking difficulties.

Book guide

Choose from short introductory tours, in-depth guided tours, and tours that provide insight into, and great views of the dune landscape surrounding Tirpitz. See our offers and prices here.

It is advisable for large groups to inform the Museum of their arrival ahead of the visit, and to plan their visits outside of weekends, peak season, holidays and bank holidays. You can expect to queue if you do not inform us of your visit. Saturdays and peak season are particularly busy, and we ask you to turn up well in advance of the notified time.


The exhibitions in Tirpitz feature stories for everyone. We convey the stories with the assistance of hand-held, digital storytellers, and children from kindergarten age can follow many of the stories. The Gold of the Westcoast exhibition, which is about amber hunters and insects trapped in amber, is ideal for pre-preparatory classes, while intermediate classes will get a great deal out of the stories featured in West Coast Stories. The theme of World War II and the Atlantic Wall will appeal particularly to students in 7th grade and above.

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