Gold of the Westcoast

Visit Western Europe’s most stunning exhibition of amber – Nordic gold. In a marvellous world among the trees of the amber forest, you can go hunting for genuine treasures created by the gold of the sea and fascinating, 40-million-year-old insects trapped in the golden drops.

In the exhibition Gold of the Westcoast you will meet the amber collectors on the beach. They will tell you how to find amber and show you their most beautiful finds. Maybe you will pick up some useful tips and tricks. At any rate, you will discover how to recognise amber and learn to spot the difference between amber and stone.

The Treasure Trove

A big chunk of amber conceals a treasure of amber from across the ages: from ancient Stone Age amulets to state-of-the-art amber masterpieces. Enjoy a close-up view of some of Denmark’s most stunning amber finds.

The treasure trove features an aesthetic experience, featuring the most beautiful amber objects and jewellery in classic display cases.

Feel the Atmosphere in the Ancient Amber Forest

The amber forest is a world without people. 40 million years ago, the amber was simply resin that slid down tree trunks in the deserted forest. Insects and plants got trapped in the resin. It is fascinating to look into a piece of amber that conceals knowledge of an age that no human has ever experienced.

The stylised trees of the amber forest conceal a wealth of thrilling experiences. Explore and be surprised and amazed by the magic of amber.

Meet the Amber Collectors in the Surf

Have you ever been lucky enough to find amber? Whether or not you have, you know that you have to be extraordinarily lucky to find a large chunk of amber. Or very good at reading the wind and the sea to know when it is amber weather. In the exhibition you can meet real amber collectors and learn some tips and tricks from them.

Remember your Digital Companion

Visitors themselves control their personal experience of all the exhibitions in Tirpitz with the assistance of a digital storyteller – an audio-based guide, in which the stories were recorded by professional actors. You cannot experience the exhibitions without this guide. It is included in the price of admission and children from about two years of age can use it. It may be a good idea to bring your own headphones if you get easily disturbed or if your arm tends to ache. If you are hearing impaired or just prefer text, please inform the host when you buy your ticket.

The exhibition was created with support from A.P. Møller Fonden.